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Santa Clara Obstetrics & Gynecology Clerkships

Kaiser Santa Clara Medical Center is a major teaching hospital for rotating Stanford medical students. In addition to providing a core Ob/Gyn clerkship, we also offer an organized curriculum for training senior medical students in Obstetrics and Gynecology. There will be two positions available in General Ob/Gyn per clerkship period.

Clerkship periods are 4 weeks long. The schedule is designed for students who have already completed a basic core Ob/Gyn clerkship. Care is taken to maximally expose the student to all areas of Ob/Gyn and all interesting patients present during the clerkship. A schedule will be given to the Acting Intern on the first day of the rotation. Every effort will be made to accommodate special requests. The Acting Intern is expected to take 3 overnight calls, including one weekend day, and is excused after Teaching Rounds the next day.

The Acting Intern will be given increasing levels of responsibility as competence is demonstrated. The ultimate responsibility for patient care remains with the residents and attending physicians. It is the Acting Intern’s responsibility to actively read about specific patient conditions and to make sure that all notes are co-signed by a resident or attending physician.

The Acting Intern will attend Thursday morning didactic sessions, including the 8am resident case presentation. All clinical responsibilities will be excused during this time period. Each Acting Intern is required to prepare a 30-minute case presentation at the end of the Clerkship. This is done during the 8am resident case presentation to the entire department. The residents and attending physicians can assist with the topic choice and presentation preparation as needed.

We are an enthusiastic group, committed to teaching and learning in a friendly and supportive environment. We look forward to having you as a member of our Department.

General Ob/Gyn Acting Internship

  1. Gynecology – 2 week
    The Acting Intern will be an integral member of the Gyn team, and will be exposed to pre-operative evaluation, intra-operative management, and post-operative care. The Chief Resident will assign topics for presentation at rounds and surgical cases, including benign and oncology cases. Daily notes on all patients which the Acting Intern was involved need to be completed and presented to the resident before 7:30am Teaching Rounds.
  2. Obstetrics – 2 week
    The Acting Intern, along with the OB team Intern, and other rotating Stanford medical students are responsible for all seeing normal postpartum patients each morning before 8am, with supervision of the TDOC (Teaching attending). In addition, depending on the Acting Intern interest, the Chief Resident will assign high-risk patients to be seen with the Chief Resident. Daily Teaching Round with the perinatologist begins at 8am, during which all antenatal and other high-risk patients are discussed and obstetrical topics are presented.

During the 4-week clerkship, you will also be assigned to ambulatory clinics with the residents as well as attending physicians.

Requesting a Clerkship at Santa Clara

In order to begin your request for clerkship, please contact the program coordinator to check for the availability of clerkships on the dates you request. If the dates are available, please complete our application form (pdf) and submit the form and all requested documentation back to our program as soon as possible.

No clerkships will be scheduled for the months of June and July.
Applications must be submitted no less than four weeks prior to requested start date.
No changes four weeks before your scheduled start date.

For more information and frequently asked questions, please see General Policies and Information.

For information more regarding clerkships at Santa Clara, please contact Susan Krause, GME Coordinator at (408) 851-3836 or e-mail her at