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Clerkships in Pediatrics

Pediatrics Clerkships in Oakland

The Pediatrics Residency Program at Oakland offers sub-internships to 4th year medical students who have completed their core pediatric clerkship. Subinternships are available for the inpatient ward, outpatient clinic, NICU, PICU, and in various pediatric subspecialties.

The Department of Pediatrics at Kaiser Oakland consists of a large primary care and subspecialty outpatient division, an inpatient service with a 25 bed General Pediatric Ward, a 10 bed Pediatric Intensive Care Unit, a 29 bed Intensive Care Nursery, and a well baby nursery that cares for approximately 2000 babies per year.

After reviewing our general policies please complete the application form. Thank you for your interest in our programs, and we hope to hear from you soon.


Frequently Asked Questions

1. As a medical student, how much discretion will I have to take clinical decisions?
Medical students are encouraged to develop their own assessments and plans and present them directly during precepting sessions and rounds. You will always be supported and supervised by residents or attendings. We try to make a “safe” environment for you to have as much independent decision-making as possible.

2. How much contact will I have with faculty?
Because of the small size of our program, faculty are very accessible and residents work with them closely. Outpatient sub-Is have the chance to work with general pediatric and subspecialty faculty directly.

3. What is the education like?
We put a great deal of emphasis on practical teaching and learning in an academic environment. This is among the several factors that draw medical students from UCSF to select us for their core pediatric 3rd year clerkship. In addition to daily morning conferences and noon conferences, rounds on the ward are designed so that the faculty attendings’ primary job is to teach about cases on the ward.

For more information...

Visit our residency program website at

To apply for a subinternship, or if you have further questions, please contact

Whenalyn Espinosa, GME Coordinator
Graduate Medical Education Department
(510) 752-7555

Abhay Dandekar, MD
Director, Medical Student Program