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Clerkships in Pediatrics at Oakland

Pediatric Inpatient Subinternship

The Kaiser Oakland pediatric ward has approximately 1000 admissions each year with an excellent mix of both general and subspecialty pediatrics. The pediatric inpatient service is a teaching team managed by the pediatric residents under the supervision of dedicated hospital-based pediatric faculty. The ward team consists of 2 senior residents, 2 interns and a third year medical student from the University of California, San Francisco (UCSF) completing their core pediatrics rotation.      

The Subintern Role

As part of the inpatient team, you will function, with supervision, as the primary caretaker for 2-4 patients. You will work-up admissions, develop plans, and write histories and physicals, daily notes, and orders. Orders will be reviewed by your supervising residents. You will have the opportunity to attend the morning and noon teaching conferences. In addition, you will have the chance to expand your pediatric knowledge base through directed patient based learning, bedside teaching, preparing teaching sessions for the ward team, and meeting with the Residency Program Director weekly for a medical student learning session. You will also have opportunities to perform procedures while taking care of your patients. Call will be every 4-5 nights.