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Podiatric Surgery Clerkship at Walnut Creek / Antioch

The Podiatric Surgical Externship at Kaiser Foundation Hospital, Antioch, will provide a professional environment conducive to learning the basics of podiatric patient care.   Areas of emphasis will include the doctor-patient relationship and rapport, history and physical examination, the appropriate utilization of diagnostic tests, basic podiatric pathology, establishing appropriate treatment plans and protocols, and treating common podiatric conditions.


  1. Learn appropriate behavior toward the patient in regards to the different emotions of the patient and the pathology.
  2. Learn the basics of obtaining an appropriate history and physical examinations.
  3. Learn documentation in a SOAP format listing appropriate supplemental information for both clinical and ambulatory surgery chartingLearn appropriate radiology requests and interpretation including plain films, CT and MRI scans, and nuclear diagnostic testing.
  4. Learn appropriate laboratory testing including microbiology, chemistry, vascular, and pathology reports.
  5. Learn to formulate an appropriate treatment plan and to present the plan to the podiatric resident and/or podiatric staff.
  6. Learn basic clinical treatment including paring dermatological lesions, simple biopsies, nail reduction, lower extremity directed biomechanical exams and treatment, diabetic protocol and treatment, recognition and treatment of infections, and fundamental  podiatric exams and treatment.
  7. Learn the basic outpatient surgical procedures including nail procedures, osteotripsies, arthroplasties and simple excisions.
  8. Learn operating room procedure and sterile technique.  Learn basic suturing techniques and basics of fracture management through observation. 


Take an active daily roll in rounds while working with the resident and on-call attending assisting in post-operative wound care, cast and dressing changes.  Take interest in patient’s medical issues and be able to engage in academic discussions regarding such issues, while maintaining patient confidentiality.  Be prepared to engage in weekly academic sessions at Kaiser Oakland.  During clinic hours externs are expected to take the initiative in seeing patients in a timely manner and provide precise and short history and physical examinations to the supervising physician or the resident. Professional clinic attire is a must.  Hospital scrubs may be used during OR days only.

Academic enhancement is our goal.  We will provide the Externs with a well-rounded clinical and academic experience during the month rotation.  All of the staff members have welcomed the opportunity to teach and engage in academic discussions.  During the month, Externs are expected to participate in various academic activities including journal clubs, lectures, rounds, and presentations.